How to Unlock Jetpack in Wobbly Life

To unlock Jetpack in Wobbly Life, you need to find hidden upgrades. Look for a glowing green box marked with an exclamation point that contains the Jetpack upgrade.

Wobbly Life is a popular life simulation game where players can experience and explore a wobbly universe. One of the most exciting and unique items in the game is the Jetpack, which enables players to fly around the world. However, unlocking Jetpack in Wobbly Life is not as easy as it sounds.

Players must explore the vast open world of Wobbly Life to find hidden upgrades that unlock the magical Jetpack. If you are a die-hard fan of Wobbly Life and want to fly around the world, keep reading to learn more about how to unlock Jetpack in Wobbly Life.

How to Unlock Jetpack in Wobbly Life


Getting Ready To Unlock Jetpack

Before unlocking Jetpack in Wobbly Life, it’s vital to understand the basics. Jetpacks are powerful items that allow you to fly high above the ground, access hidden areas and collect loads of coins. Firstly, players need to complete the tutorial to get familiar with the game mechanics. This includes moving around, jumping, and performing tasks. To unlock the Jetpack, it is important to have enough coins in your account. Once you have enough coins, head over to the pet store to purchase the Jetpack and add it to your inventory. Now, equip the Jetpack and you are ready to take off!

How to Unlock Jetpack in Wobbly Life


Unlocking Jetpack

If you want to unlock the Jetpack in Wobbly Life, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Purchase the Jetpack from any shop on the island.
  2. Equip the Jetpack in your inventory by clicking on it and selecting “Equip”.
  3. Learn how to use the Jetpack by jumping and pressing the jump button again while in mid-air. This will activate the Jetpack and allow you to fly around the island.

Earning money in the game will help you purchase Jetpack more quickly. You can also check if any Jetpacks are available on the beach by the wrecked pirate ship. Simply jump on the switch near the ship, and if a Jetpack is available, it will drop down for you to collect.

Using Jetpack will allow you to explore the island much faster, and reach areas you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. But beware of the fuel gauge, as it may run out quickly and leave you stranded!

Tips For Jetpack Usage

Unlocking the jetpack in Wobbly Life can be a game changer, but it’s important to understand its fuel consumption. Avoid running out of fuel mid-air by keeping an eye on the fuel gauge, and refill at gas stations and fuel tanks.

Master flight control by using the WASD keys to control your movement and the Space Bar to activate the jetpack, allowing you to ascend and descend. Be careful not to fly too high, as you don’t want to fall from the sky and take damage.

To avoid collisions and crashes, make sure to avoid obstacles and flying objects, and stick to open areas. It’s also important to note that the jetpack can be damaged and eventually explode if it takes enough damage.

Tips for Jetpack Usage:
Understand Fuel Consumption Keep an eye on fuel gauge and refill at gas stations and fuel tanks
Master the Flight Control WASD and spacebar to control movement and activate jetpack, be careful not to fly too high
Avoid Collisions and Crashes Avoid obstacles and flying objects, stick to open areas, beware of jetpack damage

Advanced Jetpack Tricks

In Wobbly Life, Jetpack is one of the coolest tools to explore the world effortlessly. To unlock it, you need to find three parts named Jetpack Tank, Jetpack Frame, and Jetpack Thruster. Once you have gathered all the parts, you can combine them in the inventory to create a fully-functioning Jetpack.

Now, let’s move on to some advanced Jetpack tricks that you can perform in the game.

If you want to hover in mid-air, you can hold down the left trigger while flying with the Jetpack. This will help you gain altitude and hover.

To speed up with boosters, you can hold down the right trigger while flying. This will activate the boosters and increase your speed. However, using boosters consumes fuel, so be careful not to run out of it.

Finally, if you want to add some style points, you can perform stunts and flips. You can perform a front flip by holding the left stick forward and then pressing the jump button. Similarly, you can perform backflips and other acrobatic moves by combining different stick and button inputs.

Jetpack Customisation

To unlock the jetpack in Wobbly Life, you need to complete a simple quest by flying a plane. Once you have unlocked the jetpack, you can customize it according to your taste.

Adding Skins and Decals: You can add skins and decals to your jetpack to make it look more vibrant and appealing. To do this, you need to open the customization menu, select the jetpack tab and choose the skin you like from the available options. There are several skins and decals available, so you can choose the one that suits your style the most.

Upgrading Jetpack Performance: You can upgrade the performance of your jetpack by collecting parts and upgrading them. The upgraded parts will increase the speed and height of your jetpack. To do this, you need to collect parts from the different locations on the map, and then go to the customization menu and upgrade them to increase the performance of your jetpack.

Changing Jetpack Colors: You can change the color of your jetpack to match your skin or to give it a unique look. To do this, you need to open the customization menu, select the jetpack tab, and choose the color you like from the available options. You can change the color of your jetpack as many times as you want.

How to Unlock Jetpack in Wobbly Life


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Unlock Jetpack In Wobbly Life

How Do You Get Infinite Jetpack Fuel In Wobbly Life?

You cannot get infinite jetpack fuel in Wobbly Life. The jetpack will run out of fuel and needs to be refilled by finding fuel canisters or purchasing them from the gas station.

How Do You Unlock The Plane In Wobbly Life?

To unlock the plane in Wobbly Life, you need to first raise your pilot level to at least level 5. Once you achieve this, head to the airport and purchase the plane for 100,000 coins. Then, you can access and fly the plane anytime you want.

How Do You Get The Alien Suit In Wobbly Life?

To get the Alien Suit in Wobbly Life, you need to go to the Space Center, find the crashed UFO, and fix it by gathering some parts. Once the UFO is working, it will take you to the Alien Planet.

There, you need to complete tasks for the aliens to earn the suit.

What Is The Moon Boots Code In Wobbly Life?

The moon boots code in Wobbly Life is an in-game item that can be redeemed using a special code. It allows players to jump higher and walk on water in the game. To obtain the code, players can participate in official Wobbly Life events or follow the game’s social media pages for giveaways and promotions.


To sum up, unlocking Jetpack in Wobbly Life can be quite the adventure for players. It requires a bit of effort and patience to gather all the necessary items and coins to make the purchase. However, the payoff is quite rewarding as players get to experience the game from a whole new angle.

So, go ahead and give it a try! With the tips and tricks shared above, you’ll be flying high in no time. Happy gaming!