How to Be in the Same Server in Slither.Io

To be in the same server in, you can share the server code with your friends and have them enter it in the “Enter Game Code” box. This will ensure that you and your friends are playing on the same server.

Slither. io is a popular online game where players control a snake that grows in size as it consumes colorful pellets and other snakes. While it’s fun to play against strangers, it’s even better to play with your friends. However, some players find it challenging to be in the same server as their friends.

We’ll discuss how to solve this problem. We’ll explain the steps you need to take to share the server code with your friends and have them join your server. Stay tuned!

How to Be in the Same Server in Slither.Io


Method 1: Direct Connection

To be on the same server in Slither. io, Method 1: Direct Connection is a useful approach. It requires sharing the server’s IP address and port number with friends to connect directly.

Creating a personal room is the easiest way to be on the same server in Slither.Io. After opening the game, click the “Create” option to generate a room ID. Share the ID with your friends to invite them to the same server. To join, click “Join” and enter the room ID. The game will take a few moments to load. Once loaded, you and your friends will be in the same server. Remember to set the room to “Friends Only” to prevent strangers from joining. This method is simple and the quickest way to enjoy the game with friends without interference from strangers. Enjoy playing Slither.Io with your friends!

Method 2: Using Third-party Websites

Using third-party websites is another way to be in the same server in Slither.Io. These websites generate party codes that you and your friends can use to join the same server. Look for a reliable third-party website, then generate and share the party code with your friends. Once they join the server using the same code, you can play the game together.

You can find third-party websites by searching online or asking for recommendations from people who have used them before. Make sure to use only trusted and reliable websites to avoid scams or malware attacks. Some popular third-party websites include, Party, and

Generating and sharing the party code with your friends is easy. Simply click on the “Create Party” or “Generate Code” button on the third-party website, copy the code, and send it to your friends. They can enter the code in the “Join Party” section on Slither.Io to join the same server as you.

Joining the same server as your friends using a third-party website is a simple and effective way to enjoy playing Slither.Io together. Just remember to use a reliable website, generate and share the party code with your friends, and have fun!

Method 3: Hacking Servers

It is important to understand the risks involved with using hacks to access private servers in Slither.Io. While it may seem like a quick and easy way to play with friends, hacking a server can put your personal information and computer at risk. Private servers are not regulated and may be filled with malware or viruses.

If you still want to access private servers, one safer alternative is to connect with friends who have already hacked a server. This way, you can join a server without risking your own computer’s security. Additionally, many Slither.Io players have online communities where they share private server information, so you can connect with other players and access private servers without resorting to hacking.

Understanding The Risks Involved

Risks Description
Malware Private servers may contain malware or viruses that can harm your computer or steal your personal information.
Lack of Regulation Private servers are not regulated and may not have the same security measures as official servers, leaving them vulnerable to hacks and data breaches.
Possible Bans If caught using hacks to access private servers, you may be banned from playing Slither.Io altogether.

Connecting With Friends On Private Servers

If you have friends who have already hacked a server, you can join their game by inputting the server’s IP address. Make sure to only play with people you trust and do not share your personal information with strangers. If you do not have friends who have access to private servers, look for online communities where players share private server information.

How to Be in the Same Server in Slither.Io


How to Be in the Same Server in Slither.Io


Frequently Asked Questions For How To Be In The Same Server In

Can You Play Together?

Yes, you can play Slither. io together. The game has a multiplayer feature that allows you to play with your friends or other online players. You can invite them by sharing the game’s link or by joining a private room with a unique code.

Enjoy playing and have fun!

Can You Play Snake Io With Friends?

Yes, Snake io can be played with friends. You can create a private game with a custom link and share it with your friends to join. Many online platforms offer multiplayer modes where you can play and compete with other players or with your friends in real-time.

Where Is The Ip In Snake Io?

The IP address is not visible in Snake. io as it is a multiplayer game that does not require players to connect using their IP addresses.

How Do You Make A Room In Snake Io?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a private room in Snake IO. The game only allows for random matchmaking with other players.


After reading this guide, it becomes evidently clear that being in the same server in Slither. io may seem like a daunting task, but with these simple steps, it’s easily achievable. The key is to have a stable internet connection and follow the correct procedure.

As you’re playing the game, remember to implement these guidelines outlined in the post for a seamless and enjoyable experience. With that said, happy gaming!