How to Add Widgets to Home Screen Ios 15

To add widgets to the home screen in iOS 15, long press on the home screen until app icons jiggle, tap the plus icon in the top-left corner, and select a widget. With the latest iOS 15 update, you can now easily customize your iPhone home screen with widgets.

These widgets are interactive, informative, and can be customized by their size, layout, and functionality. You can easily add widgets to your home screen by following a few simple steps. We will guide you on how to add widgets to the home screen in iOS 15.

You can choose from various types of widgets, such as weather, news, photos, and many more that are available on the App Store. Adding widgets to your home screen will make your iPhone more personalized, organized, and user-friendly.

What Are Widgets

Widgets are small apps that are accessible through your device’s home screen. These mini-apps allow you to quickly access information or perform a specific task without having to open the full app. Widgets have been around for a while on iOS devices, but the latest iOS 15 has made them more accessible and customizable than ever before.

Widgets are designed to help you personalize your device’s home screen, and they come in many different shapes and sizes. You can add widgets for weather updates, news headlines, calendar appointments, and much more. Widgets can also be customized with different sizes and designs to match your device’s theme and your personal preferences.

Adding widgets to your iOS 15 home screen is a straightforward process. First, you need to tap and hold on your device’s home screen until the apps start shaking. Next, tap the “+” in the top left corner, and you will see a list of widgets to choose from. You can then select the widget you want to add, customize its size and design, and place it wherever you like on your home screen. It’s that easy!

Examples of Widgets Description
Weather widget Get real-time weather updates for your current location or any other city.
Calendar widget See your upcoming appointments and events at a glance.
News widget Get the latest news headlines from your favorite sources.
Music widget Control your music playback without opening the full app.
How to Add Widgets to Home Screen Ios 15


How To Add Widgets On Home Screen

To add widgets on your iOS 15 home screen:

  • Swipe left to reach the “Today View” and tap “Edit” at the bottom of the page.
  • You can also access widgets on the lock screen by swiping left from the lock screen or home screen. Then tap the “+” icon in the top left corner to choose the widget you want to add.
  • Choose the widget you want to add and tap “Add Widget”. You can also tap on the widget to customize its size and configuration.
  • Once you have configured the widget, tap “Done” on the top right corner.
  • Now, return to the home screen, and you will see the widget in the desired location you have selected for.

Customizing Widget Appearance

Personalization is everything and iOS 15 lets you do just that. Change the size of your existing widget, edit or remove widgets to make your Home Screen unique.

Change Widget Size

Make widgets stand out by changing their size. To do so, long press any widget and select the “Edit Widget” option. From here, you can choose from various size options available for each widget.

Edit Or Remove Widgets

Revamp your Home Screen by removing widgets or adding new ones. Long press on the widget you wish to edit or remove and choose the appropriate option. You can also add new widgets by tapping on the “+” icon present on the top left of your Home Screen.

Select Smart Stacks

The Smart Stack feature on iOS 15 lets you easily switch between different widgets, all in one place. Long press on any widget, select “Edit Widget” and choose “add to stack”. You can also tick the Smart Rotate option to let your iPhone select the best widget according to your usage patterns.

How to Add Widgets to Home Screen Ios 15


Widget Suggestions

One of the most useful features of iOS 15 is the ability to add widgets to your home screen. Widgets provide quick access to important information and can be customized to your liking. Here are three types of widget suggestions:

Smart Stacks

Smart Stacks allow you to see multiple widgets in one spot and select which widget you want to see based on the time of day. For example, you can set up a Smart Stack for your calendar, weather, and reminders, and the widget that displays will change based on the time of day.

Siri Suggestions

Siri Suggestions are another great option for widgets. Siri will suggest which widget to display based on your usage patterns. For example, if you always check the weather in the morning, Siri will suggest the weather widget.

Device Suggestions

Finally, Device Suggestions provide recommendations for widgets based on the apps and actions you use most frequently. This can be a great way to discover new widgets you may not have otherwise known about.

New Feature In Ios 15

Newly introduced features in iOS 15 include the ability to add widgets to your home screen, providing quick and easy access to important information. Users can choose from a variety of widget sizes and customize them to display relevant information.

One of the most liked features of this new update is the App Library, which automatically organizes apps into intelligently named categories and allows for easy app discovery.

The update also includes new privacy features, such as App Privacy Reports and Hide My Email, which provide greater control over personal data. Additionally, FaceTime now has new features such as spatial audio and grid view, making it easier and more enjoyable to connect with others virtually.

New Features in iOS 15 Liked Features
Add widgets to home screen App Library
Customizable widgets New privacy features
App Privacy Reports FaceTime updates
Hide My Email

Overall, the new features in iOS 15 make for a more personalized and secure user experience. With the ability to add widgets to your home screen and the App Library, navigating your devices has never been easier.

How to Add Widgets to Home Screen Ios 15


Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Add Widgets To Home Screen Ios 15

How Do I Add Widgets To My Home Screen?

To add widgets to your home screen, press and hold on an empty space on your home screen. Then, tap the “Widgets” option and scroll through the list of widgets available. Select the widget you want to add, and drag it to the desired location on your home screen.

Does Ios 15 Have Lock Screen Widgets?

Yes, IOS 15 has lock screen widgets. Users can add widgets to their lock screen by swiping right on the lock screen, tapping “Edit,” and selecting the widgets they want to add. These widgets can display useful information like weather updates, calendar events, and news headlines.

How Do I Add Widgets To My Wallpaper Ios 16?

To add widgets to your wallpaper in IOS 16, press and hold on any blank space on the home screen until the app icons start to wiggle. Then tap the “+” icon in the top left corner and select the widget you want to add.

You can also customize the widget’s size and placement on the screen.

How Do I Add Widgets To Smart Stack Ios 15?

To add widgets to Smart Stack on IOS 15, first press and hold the home screen, then tap on the “+” button. After that, you can select the app you want to add to Smart Stack and then select the widget you want to use.

Finally, tap on “Add Widget” and the widget will be added to Smart Stack.


Adding widgets to your iOS 15 home screen is a simple yet effective way to customize and personalize your device. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can easily add and rearrange widgets to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different widget sizes and arrangements to find the perfect setup for your device. With this new feature, your iPhone or iPad can be even more functional and personalized to your specific needs.