How Do I Stop My Android Phone from Going Straight to Voicemail

To stop your Android phone from going straight to voicemail, go to Settings, tap on Call, then turn off the call forwarding option. Have you ever missed an important call on your Android phone because it went straight to voicemail, leaving you frustrated and wondering why?

This can happen if your phone’s call forwarding feature is turned on, which redirects all incoming calls directly to voicemail. This might occur when you accidentally activate the feature, or if there’s a problem with your carrier or phone settings.

However, you can rectify the issue quickly by following a few easy steps. We’ll give you some simple tips on how to stop your Android phone from going straight to voicemail, so you don’t miss any vital calls.

Check Your Phone’s Settings

Is your Android device going straight to voicemail without ringing? Here are some quick fixes to get the issue resolved:

Ensure Airplane Mode Is Off: Check that the Airplane mode setting is not turned on. You can do this by swiping down your notification panel and tapping on the Airplane icon. If it is on, tap it again to turn it off.

Confirm Signal Strength: If the signal strength on your phone is low, it can cause calls to go straight to voicemail. Check the signal bars on your phone to ensure that they are not low. If low, try moving to an area with better reception.

Disable Do Not Disturb Mode: Do Not Disturb mode is helpful if you’re in an important meeting or taking a quick nap. Disable it by swiping down on the notification panel and finding the Do Not Disturb option. Turn it off to receive calls as usual.

Check Your Phone’s Call Forwarding Settings

To prevent your Android phone from going straight to voicemail, check your phone’s call forwarding settings. Make sure that call forwarding is turned off and that the phone is set to ring for incoming calls. This can usually be found in the phone settings under “Call Settings” or “Sound & Notifications.

If you’re having trouble with your Android phone automatically sending incoming calls to voicemail, you may need to check your call forwarding settings. To disable this feature, follow these steps:
  1. Check Call Forwarding Settings for All Calls: Make sure that you have not turned on the call forwarding feature for all calls. To do this, go to your phone app’s settings, tap on the three-dot menu, and then choose “Settings” or “Call Settings.” From there, select “Calls” and then “Call forwarding.” Check whether “All Calls” is turned off.
  2. Check Call Forwarding Settings for Busy Calls: If your phone is sending all incoming calls to voicemail when you’re already on the line, check whether “Call Forwarding when Busy” option is enabled. Go back to the “Call forwarding” menu and disable it.
  3. Check Call Forwarding Settings for Unanswered Calls: If your phone goes to voicemail after ringing a few times, the call forwarding feature may be turned on and set to forward unanswered calls to voicemail. You can disable this by choosing “Call Forwarding when Unanswered” from the “Call forwarding” menu and then disabling it.
Checking your call forwarding settings and disabling them if necessary, will allow you to receive all incoming calls directly without going to voicemail.

Ensure Your Phone’s Software Is Up To Date

To prevent your Android phone from immediately going to voicemail, it is crucial to ensure that your phone’s software is updated to the latest version. Checking for system updates and carrier updates can help you accomplish that. System updates are regularly released by Android to fix bugs and upgrade the phone’s functions, and checking for them is relatively straightforward. Simply access your phone’s settings and navigate to the “System” option. Once you get there, select “System Update” and follow the prompts to update to the most recent version.

Carrier updates, on the other hand, are issued by your service provider to update features such as network coverage, call quality, and service support. To check for carrier updates, access your phone’s settings and go to the “About Phone” option. Choose “Update” and check for carrier updates – if any are available, follow the prompts to complete the installation. Keeping your phone updated can fix common issues like failures to connect calls and an immediate shift to voicemail as well as improving the phone’s performance.

How Do I Stop My Android Phone from Going Straight to Voicemail


Ensure Your Phone’s Voicemail Settings Are Correct

To stop your Android phone from going straight to voicemail, ensure your phone’s voicemail settings are correct. Set the ring duration to the highest possible time and disable the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. You can also try turning off Wi-Fi calling and testing your phone’s reception.

How to Stop Android Phone From Going Straight to Voicemail
Heading: Ensure Your Phone’s Voicemail Settings Are Correct
If your Android phone is going straight to voicemail, it might be due to incorrect voicemail settings. Make sure to check the following settings:
Check Voicemail Box Is Set Up: Make sure that your voicemail box is properly set up. Dial your voicemail and follow the prompts to ensure everything is in order.
Check Voicemail Notification Settings: Ensure that voicemail notifications are turned on for your phone. Check the notification settings under your phone’s sound and notification settings.
Check Call Blocker and Spam Protection Settings: If you have any call blocker or spam protection apps installed, check their settings. Make sure they are not blocking calls from unknown or known contacts.

Clear Cache And Data Of Phone App

To prevent your Android phone from going straight to voicemail, you can clear the cache and data of your phone app. Clearing the cache will remove temporary files and free up storage space, which can help resolve issues with the app. Clearing the data will reset the app to its default settings, which can also fix issues with the app. To clear the cache, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Phone > Storage > Clear cache. To clear the data, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Phone > Storage > Clear storage. Keep in mind that clearing data will erase all app data, including call logs and settings, so make sure to back up any important information before doing so.

How Do I Stop My Android Phone from Going Straight to Voicemail


Contact Your Carrier

To stop your Android phone from going straight to voicemail, contact your carrier for assistance. They can help troubleshoot the issue and ensure your phone is properly configured to receive calls.

To prevent your Android phone from directing all incoming calls to voicemail, the solution lies in contacting your carrier. Reach out to your carrier’s customer support team and ask for assistance with the issue. They may advise troubleshooting steps or update your phone’s settings to resolve the problem. You can also inquire about technical support, as they may be able to provide further assistance or even replace your SIM card if necessary. Don’t hesitate to seek help from your carrier, as they are equipped with the knowledge and resources to address issues related to your phone service.

Reset Your Phone

To stop your Android phone from going straight to voicemail, you can try resetting your device to its factory settings. Before performing a factory reset, however, it is crucial to first back up all of your data, including contacts, photos, videos, and other important files. You can either back up your data manually by transferring them to your computer, or you can use a reliable backup software to make the process easier.

Once you have backed up your data, you can proceed to perform a factory reset on your Android phone by accessing the Settings menu, selecting the Backup & Reset option, and then choosing the Factory Data Reset option. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process, and remember to wait patiently as the reset may take some time.

After the reset is complete, you can set up your device as a new phone, or you can restore your data from the backup you created earlier. By following these simple steps, you can stop your Android phone from going straight to voicemail and enjoy a more responsive and reliable device.

How Do I Stop My Android Phone from Going Straight to Voicemail



It’s frustrating when incoming calls on an Android phone go straight to voicemail. However, there are solutions to this issue. By adjusting phone settings, checking network coverage, and updating software, users can increase the likelihood of receiving incoming calls. It’s important to stay mindful of these potential solutions to prevent missed calls and ensure an uninterrupted phone experience.